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Wooden Blinds v/s Honeycomb Blinds | Characteristics & Differences


Both the blinds can be adjusted as per your requirement to give the desired level of light and privacy benefits.

Wooden blinds can easily transform a room into a stylish haven with their architectural brilliance. Cellular blinds on the other hand are well known for their efficient insulating properties. Here is a comparison between the characteristic features of the two blinds which will help you choose between the two:

1. Insulation: Wooden blinds are hard window treatments that offer very little help regarding insulation. If you live in a place that experiences drastic weather changes then these are not an economically viable option. The effective design of honeycomb blinds champion the cause of insulation. When it comes to insulation, they are one of the best options in the market and will help you save on electricity bills all year round.

2. Light Control: Apart from lowering and raising the wooden blinds you can also tilt them to get the desired level of light into the room. On the other hand, Honeycomb blinds can be adjusted to control the light entering your room. Cellular blinds come in several fabric and lift options, you can choose depending on your requirement and preferences.

3. Cleanability: One of the greatest benefits of installing wooden blinds is its ease of maintenance. Wood is really easy to clean but the darker shades tend to show more dust. Honeycomb blinds are also available in anti-static and dust resistant fabric. You can even wash the cellular blinds if you wish to – it is a good idea to ask the manufacturer or retailer the process for washing the blinds.

4. Installation: Though both the blinds are easy to install one of the biggest problems with wooden blinds is that they are heavy. But, modern operating systems make them easy to lift and tilt. Comparatively, honeycomb blinds are lighter in weight.

5. Ideal Use: Wooden blinds are ideal for small and large windows that can do with a little dash of style to make them look modern and classy. Cellular blinds are great for all types of windows but especially effective in areas that needs air-conditioning. They are designed to deliver exceptional insulation which can positively impact your utility bills.

If you are looking for honeycomb blinds Delhi has many stores that offer an excellent collection. You can choose from a variety of fabrics that offer varied levels of light control. When it comes to wooden blinds Delhi market offers many shades ranging from dark to light. You would not be disappointed with the wide variety of choices no matter which type you settle for. As the two blinds are unique in their functionality and features, make sure you choose something that is appropriate for your requirement.


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