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Venetian Blinds Are The Best Fit For Modern Homes! Know How?

Venetian Blinds Delhi

Blinds serve many practical purposes like providing sun protection, privacy and light diffusion. Sometimes people use blinds to add that extra detail of design which enhances the look of the windows. Venetian blinds are one of the most practical blinds as they pack all the mentioned features with unique style and ease of use. The blinds have a popular presence in homes as an integral part of the interior design scheme which combines both fashion and functionality.

The origin of Venetian blinds as we know it did not happen before the 1700s. Although the first assumption is that these blinds must have originated in Venice but history says otherwise. As per historical records, the speculation is that the modern ones originated in Persia. France received them first and then they were introduced to England and America respectively, gradually taking over the whole world. Trends in slat sizes and materials have varied with time from larger to smaller slats and wooden to aluminium and plastic. People have shown a preference for both the classic larger wooden slats design and modern slimmer aluminium slats design.
Venetian blinds have the horizontal, slim, flat slats that are made of either wood or aluminium and are suspended by ladder cords. These ladder cords are designed in a way so that down the window length the slats are spaced at regular intervals. They can be easily raised, lowered and tilted as per your requirement to offer variable control over light and privacy. You can also operate Venetian blinds using electric motors which will let you control its movement with a remote control or button. In that case, there will be no cords or strings attached to the blinds and it will have a clean and sleek look.

Apart from the many colour, material and size options, the blinds have many practical features. First of all, they provide full control over lighting and privacy levels. You can deflect and diffuse the strong sunlight on a bright sunny day simply by tilting the slats. This will prevent the light from getting completely blocked while reducing glare and protecting the fabrics and furnishings from getting damaged by the sunlight. As in urban areas windows mostly face each other it is extremely important to ensure privacy but you cannot always keep the windows closed. Similarly, by slightly tilting the slats you can have optimum light enter the room without having to compromise on the level of privacy.

Whether it is your bathroom, bedroom or balcony, Venetian blinds can be installed in both larger and smaller areas. They provide excellent insulation as it protects from heat in warmer months and reduces drafts in winter months. This will help you save a considerable amount on electricity bills. The collective benefits of Venetian blinds make them the perfect choice for modern homes. Especially in areas like Delhi which experience hot summers and harsh winters, the blinds can be extremely beneficial. When it comes to Venetian Blinds Delhi has a wide variety of choices in different styles and materials.

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