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Types of Curtain Tracks Best Suitable for Your Home

Somfy Curtain Track

When it comes to the selection of curtains for home, it is usually the fabric and design that most people focus on without giving less or no thought to how it will be hung. The ‘curtain hardware’ which is a collective term for the curtain rod and track is an important decision in terms of aesthetic and practical use. This is why it is important to know your basics before considering the right style and mechanism of curtain tracks for your home.

  1. Hidden or Visible – The first decision you need to make regarding the curtain hardware concerns the visibility of the item once the curtains are hung. If you want it hidden then you will find many options that are designed to be discreet. You will hardly notice its presence as they are cleverly hidden from view. Generally the methods that are applied to hide the track include installing it into a bulkhead or ceiling cavity, hiding it behind the curtains using a hook system or fitting it at the back of pelmet. However, there are also options that make striking decorative elements when showcased with the curtains enhancing the décor of your room.
  2. Curtain Hardware – Do not confuse between the different types of curtain hardware because of the interchangeable use of the terms curtain rods, poles and tracks. While curtain rods consist of a round pole fed through the curtain heading or a set of curtain rings, curtain tracks have internal tracking system attaching the curtains with either carriers or glides. Usually made up of aluminium, curtain tracks are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours to perfectly complement the décor of your home. Curtain tracks have emerged as the most popular option among customers for a variety of reasons.
  3. Minimalist Profile – One of the factors that make curtain tracks undefeatable is the commitment of its design to stay true to the virtues of minimalism in terms of style, mechanism and aesthetics. Minimalism has made its way to the hearts of the urban dwellers and curtain tracks can totally live up to the expectations of this modern ideal. The carriers or glides are usually hidden behind the heading of the curtains and will hardly be noticeable. This makes up for a clean and simple look for your rooms.
  4. Affordability – Curtain tracks are the most affordable options compared to any other kind. You will get them in exceptional quality of build and design from a reputed company in very affordable prices. In fact, the discreet mechanism of curtain tracks can appear to be expensive because of its brilliant aesthetics. But when you buy from a reliable brand like Somfy Curtain Track Delhi popularly offers, the price you pay for a long-term investment like this will be anything but expensive.
  5. Versatility – There is a wider variety of curtain heading styles available to be used with the tracks. You will find most carrier or glider systems suited to either of the S-folding or pleated styles of heading. If required to be bent to shape to fit curves or bends in case of installations required for bay windows, professional bending machines can easily bend curtain tracks. Therefore, it is also popular with DIY decorators as they can be easily cut to size using a drop saw or hacksaw. The internal tracking system also appears to offer a smoother operation which is why most customers prefer to use curtain tracks. The excellent adaptability of curtain tracks makes them the ideal curtain hardware. You can create the perfect curtain operating system for your home using curtain tracks with the right combination of style, materials, curtain fabric and design.

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