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This is How Motorised Blinds Are Revolutionising the Interior Furnishing Market

Somfy blinds in Delhi

The process of furnishing the interior has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years, especially with the advent of new technologies and its innovative amalgamation with the existing ones. Installing motorised blinds or curtains that can be controlled with a remote is one of the most discerning aspects of this process. These blinds can offer a vast array of benefits to the home-owners and as a result it is becoming widely popular day by day. Among various manufacturers across the globe, Somfy still remains one of the leading manufacturers of such ingenious blinds.

Somfy blinds are available in capital cities like Delhi as well because of its extreme weather conditions. Over the past few years, motorise blinds have quite literally changed the face of the interior furnishing market. Nowadays, with new and more advanced smartphone models emerging every year, more sophisticated and convenient versions of these blinds are also being available to the customers. Below, you would find out some of these new and ingenious features and applications.

1. Scheduled Opening and Closing:

Nowadays, the activity of opening and closing the curtains in your home has become even simpler. For example, now you don’t even need to use a remote or press a button to control your shades because once you fix a specific time schedule, the curtains will open and close automatically.

2. Voice Controlled Opening and Closing:

Aided by the voice assistant on your smartphone, now it is possible to control the opening and closing of your motorised curtains without even moving a muscle. Somfy blinds in Delhi can also be found with this highly customised feature.

3. Controlling Motorised Curtains with Sun Sensors:

If you are willing to protect your furniture and other materials that cater to your interior aesthetics from scorching sunlight, a sun sensor can be extremely useful. The autonomous radio sun sensors, if properly paired with motorised blinds, can control the opening and closing of the blinds depending upon the intensity of the sunlight.

4. Controlling with Smartphones:

These days motorised blinds can be easily paired with your smartphone which has made this device even more convenient as now it is possible to control the curtains or blinds in your home from your workplace too.

5. Pairing up with Projection Screen:

In modern smart homes, you would often find that the motorised curtains are paired up with the projection screens so that if you wish to spend your time watching a popular film at your home, the blinds will automatically close in order to provide you an experience tantamount to a movie theatre while sitting on your couch.

There are other ingenious applications as well besides this five such as an automated alarm system where the smoke alarm is paired with the movement of the motorised blinds and its heat detection feature. Due to so many extremely effective features, this device is capable of offering many benefits to its users such as:

a. Convenience: Being able to enjoy a natural cooling system provided by motorised blinds with automated opening and closing features on scheduled times or depending on the outside temperature.

b. Energy Efficiency: Motorised blinds are responsible for saving a significant wastage of electricity by providing an insulation layer as well as by its properly timed opening and closing.

So, it is quite evident that motorised blinds such as Somfy Blinds in cities like Delhi has potentially revolutionised the entire structure of the interior furnishing market in an unprecedented manner through its numerous innovative features that are easily accessible nowadays.

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