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Thinking of Energy Efficiency? Install Window Blinds

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As per data, windows are responsible for about 30% of the energy loss. During the summer months, a standard double-pane window lets about 76% of the sunlight falling on it to enter the room causing the room to heat up. The loss of energy through the windows can lead to an increase in the electricity bills as your AC and heater have to work harder to maintain the ideal temperature inside the room. Window treatments can be especially beneficial, in this case, as the reduced energy loss lowers the cost incurred on cooling and heating. They also increase the comfort and convenience of your home.

Usually, any type of window treatment will lead to energy savings. But certain window blinds are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of the room. Therefore, the exact level of savings will depend on the climate, season, the type of window blind and how it is being used. Different types of window blinds have different features which will also result in different level of energy efficiency depending on the model you choose.

There are various types of blinds available in the market – Venetian blinds, Cellular blinds, Roman blinds, and Zebra blinds, etc. Cellular blinds are the best when it comes to energy savings. The unique design of cellular blinds provides excellent insulation. The material is designed in pleats which can fold up like an accordion either at top or bottom of the window. These insulated shades have single or double layers of air in their honeycomb cross-section. These air pockets in the cellular blinds act as insulators which are known for reducing the heat conduction through the window and increasing the R-value. Reducing the heat loss from windows more than 40%, cellular blinds can result in up to 20% of savings on your electricity bill.

Window blinds with vertical or horizontal slats are extremely efficient when it comes to reducing the heat gain during the summer months. Between the slats, there are multiple openings which offer a high degree of flexibility. The slats can also be used to control light and glare apart from the solar heat gain. Especially the blinds with horizontal slats can be adjusted to reflect the direct sunlight it receives onto a ceiling with a light shade of color. The light-colored ceiling can then diffuse the light while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural daylight.

Zebra blinds are another popular option when it comes to energy efficient blinds. The beauty of Zebra blinds is that it combines the function and features of roller blinds and venetian blinds. The horizontal zebra blinds come in a combination of two kinds of slat made up of the light-filtering and room darkening fabrics which are interwoven for you to enjoy the advantages of both the types. The intelligent design of zebra blinds in combination with the range of options available in fabric, color, and material makes them the most affordable energy efficient blinds.

Apart from thermal efficiency, zebra blinds allow you to control the light entering the room resulting in additional savings and convenience. No matter which type of blind you would like to opt for – venetian blinds, cellular blinds or zebra blinds Delhi has many reputed stores providing an excellent range of styles, colors, fabrics, materials, and designs.

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