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The Lesser Known Facts of Roller Blinds REVEALED!!


Blinds are a part of our everyday life, but we never really stop to think about their origin or even their current function. Today, blinds are an irreplaceable part of everyday life with its immense varieties like roller blinds in Delhi – so much so that not only can we not imagine our life without it, we also take it for granted. Interestingly, blinds have a lot of history that most people are unaware of.

We, at Magnum Windows Styles, have curated a collection of fascinating factoids about blinds, which may cause you to look twice at them the next time you are opening or closing them.

  1. Romans devised a unique trick to get rid of all the dirt that was always getting into their houses. They hung damp cloth pieces on their doors and windows, successfully creating the very first Roman Blinds!
  2. Ancient China was particularly ingenious and provides us with one of the earliest instances of blinds by binding bamboo and hanging them from doors. A similar type of measure was taken in ancient Egypt, only it was with reeds.

While it is commonly assumed that Venetian blinds originated from Venice, they were designed by the Persians!

  1. The Shower Curtain was originally the Bath Curtain. Back in the day, baths were free-standing so a pole with a curtain hanging rod was present to allow the bather some modicum of privacy.
  2. In the times preceding the modern, drapes were a sign of opulence. Affluent families would have their windows dressed “fully” with sheer drape panels, hardware, cornice, and more!

It is riveting to see how blinds have transformed throughout the years, right from their origin to their current version. Now, we have a surplus choice of blinds available in the market for our perusal, such as roller blinds Delhi. In today’s date, there is no overbearing amount of debris entering the house, and nor is there is a need to bind reeds together. The entire history of blinds has seen much in innovation indeed. However, when it comes to the basic tenets, blinds have stayed the same at heart throughout the course of time – for beauty, privacy and protection.

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