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The Different Types of Window Covering Products

Honeycomb blinds

Magnum Window Styles has been offering modern, window covering solutions for more than 30 years. The leading firm produces whimsical, aspirational, and well-appointed products that enhance your home.

Some of our products include Curtain rods, Blinds, and Awnings.


We serve premium curtain rods. It can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling. Some of our curtain rods are:

Italian wooden rods

These rods are designed to give a specialization to your window. It enhances the décor by crafted wood.

Brassex cult

Experience the genuine craftsmanship of rods made of pure brass that will elevate the beauty of the surroundings.

Steelex crystal

Steel rods with the fusion of contemporary and royal design give your windows a different look.


An easy and effortless product that is suitable for all sorts of window curtains. Specialists and premium quality tracks are used for smooth curtain movement. Tracks also come with an option of motorization.


Blinds are the best way to give your window a new life. We serve a range of blinds that will enhance your window and give your home a more elegant look. At Magnum Window Styles, blinds come with an option of motorization which makes them effortless to use.

Some of our blinds we offer are:

Roman blinds

Flexible, stylish and thick, roman blinds are attractive as well as good for privacy. They are a type of window covering used to block out the sun.

Zebra Pleated blinds

A modern-day blind that is leaving horizontal blinds behind. They can be adjusted for privacy, light control, and insulation.

Shangrila blinds

These combine the beauty of both venetian and roller blinds, making them an absolutely stunning addition to your room.

Honeycomb blinds

Energy-friendly and stylish, honeycomb blinds not only enhance the window but also filter light and insulate windows to save energy.

Venetian blinds

The most popular blinds a few years ago, venetian blinds can be tilted to get the desired light in a room.

You can create an ideal look for your window with our extensive selection of colors, designs, fabric, and finishes.


A type of supplemental roof cover, awnings provide protection against sunlight and rain. We serve quality awnings that will give your home, shop or office a new and innovative look.

Some of our awnings are


Create a beautiful home in your garden by permanently installing the gazebos. Make your outdoor space move enjoyable and friendly by opting for gazebos.

Terrace awnings

A popular awning, they are usually used for covering large areas. They can be operated manually or with the help of a remote.


This is the modern way of relaxing in the garden without worrying about the sun or rain. Umbrellas are the new stylish awnings and are becoming the choice of people with artistic sensibilities.

Fixed awnings

These bespoke awnings come in different colors and patterns. They are not only stylish but are made with UV resistant durable fabrics.

Drop arm awnings

Conventional sun blinds can be opened and closed as per your requirement. They are simple yet beautiful.

These are some of the products offered that help give your home a more fashionable and graceful look and enhances the aura of your décor.


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