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Honeycomb Blinds- Know How They Keep Your Home Warm in Winters

Selecting the right shade or blind is an important decision if you are looking for sustainable insulating décor solutions. With a slight nip in the air, it is safe to assume that winter is around the corner. If purchasing new blinds for the winter months is on your agenda, it might be a good call to know which blinds are the most appropriate for the season. Today, Honeycomb Blinds are …Read More

Five Unique Features of Honeycomb Blinds that You Should Know

Blinds or curtains are indispensable for every modern house, not only for providing the necessary privacy one requires inside the house, but also for energy efficiency and adding something to the aesthetics of the house itself. Speaking of energy efficiency, the significance of honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular shades) can never be overlooked. Honeycomb blinds are basically window coverings that are used to both filter and block lights thereby …Read More

Wooden Blinds v/s Honeycomb Blinds | Characteristics & Differences

Both the blinds can be adjusted as per your requirement to give the desired level of light and privacy benefits. Wooden blinds can easily transform a room into a stylish haven with their architectural brilliance. Cellular blinds on the other hand are well known for their efficient insulating properties. Here is a comparison between the characteristic features of the two blinds which will help you choose between the two: 1. …Read More

Learn the Science Behind Honeycomb Blinds Before You Install Them in Your Room

Heat is known to travel along the path of least resistance from warmer to cooler places. This is basically the phenomenon working in case of your window blinds too. Now, a material’s resistance to heat flow is called R-Value. It is basically used to determine the thermal resistance of building materials. R-Value guides us to find out the area from where the heat is more likely to escape. As per …Read More