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Striking Differences between Manual Blinds & Motorized Blinds You Should Know

Motorized Blinds India

Blinds are known to enhance the comfort inside homes by blocking the harsh sunlight entering through open spaces and windows. But they also provide privacy while controlling the heat, UV rays and light effectively. While choosing the blinds for your home, you have to decide whether you want to manually operate them or want motorized automated movements. While both the options can be trusted to provide excellent protection there are certain key differences between the two. Both motorized blinds and manual blinds have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of differences between motorized blinds and manual blinds:

1. Function: The most important difference between the two kinds of blinds is the way they operate. It is possible to manoeuvre the movement of the motorized blinds with a remote control as they work electronically. You can open and close them by clicking a button or even with the help of a mobile application. Whereas manual blinds are operated with a removable handle by a manual crank system. When it comes to large areas and difficult to reach spaces, motorized blinds are the ideal option. But for smaller spaces like doors and windows, you can opt for manual blinds.

2. Style: Both the manual and motorized options are available in a variety of colour, fabric and material choices. You can find elements matching your decor in both the variety of blinds. However, people have a preference for motorized blinds as they do not have extra cords, handles and cranks. These objects are distracting and can clash with a beautiful sleek interior.

3. Convenience: Manual blinds are fairly easy to operate but the automated movement of the motorized blinds makes them even easier. Especially when you are using blinds for large or hard to reach areas, the remote control will give you easy and full control over the movement of your blinds. You can even use Smart Home Integration to operate all the blinds in your house at once. You can program the motorized blinds to close and open automatically at a particular time using sun sensors and timers. As blinds have to move daily to maintain the right temperature or privacy, motorization may provide an added convenience. Especially when you are not home, you can program the manual blinds to open and close automatically.

4. Durability: The crank of the manual blind can get damaged or the electronics of the motorized blinds can falter. Such emergencies can happen but the durability of both the manual and motorized blinds depends on their materials and build quality. This is why it is important to choose a reputed company when purchasing blinds. When it comes to motorized blinds India has many reputed brands offering excellent products.

5. Cost: The added convenience and smart features of the motorized blinds make them costlier than the manual blinds. Especially when you consider the electronic features of motorized blinds which needs to be connected with electricity sources, manual blinds can seem fairly simpler and cost-effective.

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