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Striking Characteristics of Zebra Blinds You Must Know

Zebra Blinds

Add beauty to Your Interiors With Zebra Blinds

The double paneled roller blinds using a combination of both transparent and block-out fabrics are popularly known as Zebra Blinds. They can emit the look and feel of Venetian blinds as the stripes alternate between opaque and clear slats. The contemporary style of the zebra blinds also offers many practical benefits. Here are certain characteristics of the zebra blinds that you should know:

1. As any other roller blind, zebra blinds can be moved up and down to get the desirable amount of light. Even with the lowered blinds you will be able to control the amount of light entering the room. You can do that by obstructing the light coming through the transparent panels by properly aligning the block-out panels.

2. Privacy is a concern that can be addressed well with the use of blinds. The feature of zebra blinds that aligns the block-out panels to block the light also gives 100% privacy. Hence, you can control the level of privacy you want at any time.

3. As the best combination of sheer curtains, venetian blinds and roller blinds, zebra blinds brings together the best of the three kinds. The sheer fabrics let you enjoy sun protection and maintain the privacy while allowing you to get the warmth and view of outdoors. They come in both room darkening and light-filtering fabrics. You can overlap and alternate the dual-layered sheer fabrics to get outside view and let the natural light in when needed.

4. Made from durable material, they last long. They are both easy to install and maintain. Keep the cords child and pet safe by keeping it out of reach. You can even opt for motorized blinds to control their movement through a remote or switch.

5. Bring comfort to the interiors. The overlapping combination created by the two distinct layers of fabric enhances the functionality of these blinds. The high level of light and privacy control makes them an excellent choice for both homes and offices. For places experiencing harsh summers, zebra blinds can block excess sunlight and keep the temperature lower.

The popularity of zebra blinds Delhi is experiencing a surge in its demand. Today, there are many excellent material and color options that they come in also make them a sophisticated addition to the interiors.


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