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Smart Home Products That Will Change Your Life


A smart home gives you more control and makes life easier and more comfortable!

Imagine what it would be like to have your living room wall changing background lights according to your mood. Or curtains are opening up by themselves every morning. Does it sound like a distant dream! Believe us; it is not! The advent of technology has made it possible for homemakers to interact with their household décor truly. This smart home experience transcends beyond happy living. The future of the smart home is greater than you would imagine. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has changed how people in modern cities like Delhi NCR now live their lives.

Turning your conventional home into a smart home, not only defines who you are but also gives your house a new identity.

Let’s look at some smart home décor options to make your home modern!


It is always a win with the ‘Golden rule of three’ when it comes to decorating your home. A sensor camera, coupled with an elegant showpiece and indoor plants, can create the perfect balance of safety and aesthetics. If you keep this arrangement in a corner, it is not just going to enhance the corner of the space, but also serves as a perfect angle for the camera. These cameras come in various finishes, such as metallic, solid, frameless, etc. If you have aesthetics and security in your mind, this is the perfect pick for you!


Calling motorized blinds a blessing is truly an understatement. The highly optimizable motorized blinds are convenient, effectively save energy, and regulate room temperature during winters. You do not need a separate motorization app, it can be ntegrated with other applications for lights, AC, awnings, or thermostat. If you want to voice control of your motorized blinds, you can link them up with Alexa or Google Assistant. Options such as Somfy Curtain Tracks’ motorized blinds let you have a noise-free surrounding, along with remote control and a built-in battery.


It’s time to throw away your ordinary mirror – the smart mirror is the future. Its sleek and elegant style is what makes it look like a product from the next decade. The Smart Mirror communicates through motion detection. It additionally has an HD display, integrated LED, HDMI input with screencasting, microphone, and touch sensors. Viewing experience is better and bigger with the smart mirror! You can use it as a huge photo frame or a screen to watch your favorite movies- the choice is yours!


The lighting of the home space makes its decor stand out and more beautiful.  Traditional lights are truly a hassle when you can easily control your lights with your phone or your voice, or a clap! Moreover, these lights are extremely energy efficient and help you save thousands on electricity bills in the long run. Connectivity is fundamental to the functioning of smart lights. Smart lighting can easily connect to other IoT (Internet of Things) devices, counting home security systems, thus crafting a welcoming smart-home environment.

Smart home technologies are a boon. It can solve accessibility problems especially for the senior citizens and physically disabled. You can take small steps like, installing Somfy curtain tracks’ motorized blinds or buying a smart lamp. It will help you understand how easy they make your life!


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