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Six Competitive Reasons to Choose Somfy Curtain Tracks over Regular Ones

Somfy Motorised Curtain Tracks Delhi

For people seriously thinking about refurbishing their home from scratch, energy efficiency has become one of the key factors to consider as it directly impacts the consumption of energy depending on the new d├ęcor of the house. In consequence, the popularity of energy efficient passive house, a house where one can remain comfortable during every season throughout the year without being aided by any active cooling or heating system, is increasing rapidly. Under the circumstances, a Somfy curtain track i.e. the motorised smart curtain track manufactured by Somfy, that can simply be controlled by a remote has become immensely popular over various countries across the globe.

The principal purpose of these ingenious curtain tracks is to control the amount of solar gain and thermal loss by closing and opening at specific time slots as per your convenience. However, keeping aside this feature, the tracks can be used for catering to other needs too. Here, you would find some of such features and benefits that could convince you to purchase such curtains over the regular ones.

a. Convenience:

Without a doubt, a motorised track is more convenient than a traditional one because these curtains can be opened or closed by simply pressing a button, by a remote, or even by an app installed on your smartphone. This provides you with the option of taking care of your house even when you are not physically present there. Besides this benefit, the coverings of such curtains are proved to be very effective in the prevention of heat loss as well as for the reduction of solar gain. Moreover, the fact that you can schedule specific times for opening and closing these curtains relieves you from the thought of opening and closing them completely.

b. Energy Efficiency:

These motorised curtains can effectively mitigate the amount of energy consumption by your HVAC system as it allows the blinds to act autonomously according to the temperature and sunlight readings. As a result, during the hottest hour of the day the blinds will close automatically in order to protect your home from inordinate sunlight and would also open during a cold winter morning allowing some sunlight to enter. In consequence, the usage of the HVAC system would be reduced considerably and so would your monthly electric bill.

c. Proper Home Integration:

These curtain tracks consist of a smart thermostat that takes into account a wide array of data including the temperature outside and inside your house, the nature of the weather, and various other factors. It provides these curtains the ability to determine when the room is getting uncomfortably hot or cold and act accordingly.

d. Smart Lighting Feature:

If you can pair up your Somfy curtain track with the smart lighting feature, the curtains can increase the amount of daylight in your house thereby reducing the unnecessary consumption of electricity to a significant extent.

e. Increasing R Value:

These motorised curtain tracks add an insulating layer to your glass window which helps in increasing the R value of your home considerably. If you can motorise a honeycomb or a traditional roller blind, you can get an R value up to 4.3.

f. Safety and Security:

These curtains, if paired with the smoke alarm, can provide protection against fire hazards. Also, the curtains can shut automatically when the occupants leave the house, if it is connected to a smart home system.

To sum up, if energy efficiency and convenience is your objective, Somfy curtain tracks are a much better option than the traditional ones.


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