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Seven Things To Consider Before Buying An Awning


You might want to enjoy a beautiful day outside with the kids in your backyard when the sun shines bright. However, it is absolutely necessary to protect your family from the intense heat and the harmful radiation of the sun.

Awnings are the best way to achieve this as they provide the protective shade for you to enjoy outdoor activities and relaxed afternoons while sipping on ice tea. If you are considering buying an awning for your porch, patio or backyard, here are seven things you must consider:

1. Dealer: Choosing the right dealer is as important as choosing the right product itself if not more. Make sure you check online reviews of other customers if available or else, get personal references from people who have already purchased from the seller.It is easy to find an awnings dealer in Delhi as they mostly have an online presence.

2. Installation: Awnings require installation. Make sure to check with your dealer whether the installation will be free or charged separately. Also enquire whether the future service works and adjustments will be free within a period of warranty.

3. Fasteners: It is absolutely crucial that the installer uses a wide shaft lag screw of minimum 3/8″ for fastenings.

4. Material: The material for awnings needs to be chosen very carefully as it has to be resistant to water, fire, mildew, UV rays, dirt, fade and age. Additionally they have to be easy to maintain and clean. Go for a material that comes in a variety of colors to maximize your options.

5. Warranty: It is imperative to enquire about the warranty as full warranty can help you save money. Check whether the dealer provides warranty over a certain period of time with prorated or full coverage.

6. Operation: Awnings can be controlled manually or with the help of a motor. It is best to opt for retractable motorized awnings as they can be easily operated with the help of a switch or remote control from the comfort of your couch.

7. Brands: There is nothing wrong with purchasing from a local brand but there are certain inconveniences to consider. A local business may cease to exist after sometime and with long-term investments like awnings it becomes a problem to procure spare parts or get regular services. Established brands have been in the business for a long time and will be able to provide prompt service. Hence, it is best to buy from reliable brands. They also offer the most up-to-date technology and features.

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