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Looking for Awnings? –MAGNUM is the one-stop dealer in Delhi / NCR


When it comes to awnings, people can be divided into two broad categories of consumers. On one hand there are those that love them. And on the other hand, there are those who opt for them out of necessity. Our experts are of the opinion that awnings as both a necessity and a suitable option for decorations. Admirers will know that awnings are to the house what a tie or a scarf is to our outfit. It is a thing that compliments the general outfit and gives the window exterior’s the panache!

Generally awnings add a very contemporary look to homes. Long before the invention of energy sucking air conditioners, people used awnings as the medium to keep their house cool from the hot exterior. Thus they also protected furniture from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, increasing their longevity. Let us have a look at the kinds of awnings Magnum, the leading awnings dealer in Delhi/NCR, brings to you:

Terrace Awnings: These are generally considered for covering large areas. They are retractable manually or by electric motor and protect from the sun and rain. These are generally considered as a panache statement.

Gazebos: These can easily substitute the canopy top on outdoor spaces. They add more flare with their scalloped edges. They can withstand extreme weather conditions providing the owner with the place for cozy and pleasing occasions like get-together.

Window Awnings: These add elegance to the owners’ interiors beautifully while guarding the doors and windows. They also come in canopy designs which provide maximum shade and protection.

Umbrellas: Protection from rain and sun while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the garden space are very much in fashion nowadays. Using stylish umbrellas is a popular trend right now.

Drop Arm Awnings: Pivoted and strung side arms that triangulate gives this type of awnings the mechanism to withstand the high strength of strong winds. They may be simple in looks but they ooze sophistication.

Vertical Awnings: One can enjoy the verandas and balconies while maintaining their privacy with this type of awnings. With their intense colors and design, they are for the style conscious customers.

Fixed Awnings: They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can create a chic ambience with their custom made welded steel frames. They come with UV resistant durable fabrics that stand the test of time.

No matter which type of awnings you require, Magnum has it all. It is not only awnings, be it blinds, ordinary or motorized curtains India has everything available in the markets today. We are one-stop solution for any window style or shade you may need.

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