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Honeycomb Blinds- Know How They Keep Your Home Warm in Winters

Honeycomb blinds delhi

Selecting the right shade or blind is an important decision if you are looking for sustainable insulating décor solutions.

With a slight nip in the air, it is safe to assume that winter is around the corner. If purchasing new blinds for the winter months is on your agenda, it might be a good call to know which blinds are the most appropriate for the season. Today, Honeycomb Blinds are one of the most popular types of energy-efficient window blinds.

In this blog, we are delving deeper into understanding how the honey and comb feature of the blinds can keep your home warm in winters and cool in the summers.

Higher R-Value 

R-value measures the two-dimensional barrier or thermal resistance per unit area. Honeycomb Blinds have a higher R-value in comparison to all other window coverings. The ‘honeycomb’ design enables the roller to have small air pockets. These air pockets help trap the hot air in the room and keep out to the cold inflow of air. It is a great way to conserve energy. For additional energy savings and insulation!   During winters, the insulation can increase heat by nearly 40%, and in summers, the blinds can reduce heat by almost 80%.   

Selecting the Right Shade

We all know that dark colors attract and absorb light faster. Similarly, choosing a darker fabric can help trap and retain heat. However, do keep the room decor and the amount of sunlight you get while choosing the shade. It is not easy to keep changing the blinds, so a neutral color which can work in the long summer months is also important.

Use in Combination With Sheer Drapes

If your room decor allows for a heavy look, and the windows are wide enough, you can opt for a combination of sheer curtains and Honeycomb blinds. Layering drapes also helps in additional insulation.

As is obvious, these blinds help you insulate a room by trapping the heat – therefore becoming a great choice for the winter. Since the higher R-value also helps in reducing heat absorption, they are ideal for the summer months. Hence, investing in them now will save you from future hassle, during the heatwave season. The best part, you can opt for motorization of the blinds to conveniently lift the blinds with the touch of a button.

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