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Here are the top Reasons on Why You Should Install Awnings


Places where mixed weather is a common concern, awnings can be a blessing. Awnings are basically a lightweight frame structure with which a fabric or aluminum cover is attached. They are typically attached above windows and doors but are also popular additions to a patio, deck or windows. Installing this added protection can have far reaching benefits for the exterior of your house. Whether the goal is sun protection or enhancement of visual appeal, the multi-purpose awnings has got you covered. Here is a list of reasons why installing awnings will benefit your house.

1. Weather Protection – If unpredictable weather is a common problem you deal with, you have awnings to the rescue. Especially for places in India like the capital Delhi itself the weather can be really harsh. Awnings can be trusted to cut off direct sunlight and reduce the glare and heat entering your house. This can protect the furniture, walls and flooring from the excessive sunlight. Awnings are also an effective protection against heavy rains keeping your doors and windows safe from water and moisture damage. You can also enjoy the extended spaces in your backyard under the protective shade of awnings without worrying about the sun or rain.

2. Save Money – The fact that awnings make you save quite a sum on your electricity bills is something you will appreciate during the summers. Reducing the radiant heat entering the house by shading the doors and windows awnings keep the inside temperature lower. The naturally cool home helps you save considerably on energy cooling.Even your patio furniture will last longer under their protective shade.Awnings also keep the dust and debris away from the AC during storms protecting your investment.

3. Enhance the Visual Appeal – The presence of awnings can enhance the overall look of your home. With the different designs, fabrics, patterns and colors that they come in, it will be no trouble finding the perfect fit for your house. In case of many similar looking houses in a locality awnings can give a distinctive look to the house. The modern features like motorized awnings and retractable awnings even allow you to use them as per your requirement. Awnings dealers in Delhi have seen a huge surge in the popularity of retractable awnings.

4. Get Creative – Why should you express your creativity with the exteriors only? Awnings provide you excellent opportunity to get creative with the interior too! The endless variations in colors, fabrics and material will inspire you to play with the possibilities. Match your awnings with the décor and furniture to give your house the picture-perfect appearance.

5. Expand the Living Space – A patio or deck awning can help you turn your backyard into a living space. Adding some beautiful furniture to the outdoor space under the protective awnings can make up an interesting space to entertain guests. It is also an excellent option if you want to spend a day relaxing outside watching the kids and pets play. While providing protection from the sun, awnings also provide the comfort of enjoying a cool and clean outdoor space.


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