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Guide to Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Your Home

Somfy Motorised Curtain Tracks

Choosing the best window treatment can be tricky if you lack a proper approach. The biggest priority while choosing the right window treatments should be deciding what is needed. Privacy or light — or both? With a wide variety of available styles and materials, window treatments are a great way to infuse style in your decor and elevate a space. Somfy Blinds Delhi may just be the thing you need!

It’s a simple three step process!


It is important to first determine how the shades or drapes need to function in the setup. Select one of the following three options, depending on the windows and their obstructions, etc.:

  • Up and down
  • Side to side


Up and down applies to many kinds of windows and they mostly include most shades, such as Rollers, Romans and Cellular Shades. A side to side control includes Drapes and Vertical Blinds, which are often used to dress sliding doors or French windows. Tilting relates to how the Wooden Blinds and Metal Blinds can be tilted to open or close with the pull of a cord.


Privacy isn’t just about keeping eyes off your interior. It depends on factors such as natural lighting, view from your window etc.

  • Minimal privacy – maintain the view
  • Blackout – full privacy
  • Light filtering – moderate privacy

Solar Shades are the perfect pick for minimal privacy needs. They reduce UV rays and glare while preserving the view. Sheer shades and drapes are also a good fit in this category. Blackout shades, as the name suggests, provide full privacy and light blockage.


It is pertinent to determine its usage- primarily the frequency of opening and closing them. Some window treatments are just decorative, while others are more suited to daily use.

Roller Shades and Solar Shades can be a good choice for frequent use for their simple mechanism. Motorized curtains can also be installed if you have a hard to reach place in your house. Tulip Roman Shades or Relaxed Roman Shades are good options for decorating your windows.

Now that you know what window treatment you want, investing in it is the last thing you have to do!

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