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Five Unique Features of Honeycomb Blinds that You Should Know

honeycomb blinds in Delhi

Blinds or curtains are indispensable for every modern house, not only for providing the necessary privacy one requires inside the house, but also for energy efficiency and adding something to the aesthetics of the house itself. Speaking of energy efficiency, the significance of honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular shades) can never be overlooked. Honeycomb blinds are basically window coverings that are used to both filter and block lights thereby to insulate windows as well as to save energy. These shades, made of accordion-style cells, are also capable of adding elegance and depth to your home décor.

According to the Natural Resources Defence Council in the United States, doors and windows amount to nearly one-third of the total thermal loss of a house. Hence, in Indian cities like Delhi where both summer and winter offer extreme and harsh weather conditions, this can cause major problems in both seasons.

So, if you are in search of honeycomb blinds in Delhi, here are some unique features of these blinds that you should know.

a. Wide Range of Opacity:
Honeycomb blinds are known for offering a vast range of opacity which includes properties like blocking the sunlight completely as well as permitting the natural light through their filters. There are various categories of such shades such as total blackout, sheer, and semi-sheer according to the range of their opacities. So, if you crave natural light or in need of blocking the sun completely, finding suitable honeycomb shades won’t be a major problem.

b. Energy efficiency:
Energy efficiency is indubitably the most significant feature of these shades. The unique honeycomb shape of these blinds can trap air thereby creating an insulated barrier for your house. Also, these blinds come in various thicknesses such as the single shade or the double shade. According to your requirement, you can successfully control the amount of light and heat entering your house with these shades. As a result, you would be able to refrain from overusing your AC and saving a significant wastage of electrical energy.

c. Light Controlling Features:
Some specific types of these shades such as the cordless honeycomb blinds are tailor-made for better light control. These cellular shades can be controlled from either the top or the bottom. Nowadays you would find shades that can be controlled from either sides as well (the top-down, bottom-up feature). Besides opacity, these sui generis light controlling features would also help in controlling of light in your home.

d. Durability:
These kinds of blinds are significantly more durable compared to the traditional blinds due to their intricate structure. Cellular shades are generally made of tightly woven fabric that helps it withstand a considerable amount wear and tear. As a result, honeycomb blinds, even in cities like Delhi, can exhibit considerable longevity compared to ordinary blinds. Also, these blinds cannot be easily harmed by pets or little children in your house, because of their resilient nature.

e. Cost-Effectiveness:
Despite the fact that cellular shades cost slightly greater than traditional wooden shades, taking their energy efficiency and durability into account, they can be considered cost-effective in terms of overall cost which includes the initial cost and maintenance.

To sum up, if you are looking for an energy efficient natural cooling solution for your house, honeycomb blinds are the one you should choose. The insulation effect created by these shades are effective during the biting cold days of the winter season as well. Therefore, if you are a resident of cities like Delhi, choosing honeycomb blinds is the option you should choose.

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