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Five Amazing Tips On How To Choose Roman Shades


Roman shades are modern age, popular window covering products that act as a replacement to curtains. They also spark a curated elegance that elevates a room’s ambiance. These shades are distinct from other window covering products as they stack-up evenly when opened as opposed to vertical shades that tilt and/or slide and curtains which slide. A cord mechanism allows the user to adjust the stack height of the blinds as per the covered area requirement.

Users love the product as it provides room darkening, privacy, insulation, and light filtration but is also a timeless staple in any style of décor from classic to modern. They are also a designer’s favorite, and you can easily get these without the designer price tag. While price can be one of the major factors that affect your decision to buy Roman blinds, there are other things you can keep in mind.

Tips for choosing Roman Shades

Choosing the right blinds could be a cumbersome and stressful task. Keeping this in mind, we at Window Styles have listed a few tips on choosing the correct roman shades for your place. 

  1. Lining: A lining is the fabric stitched and hidden behind the main fabric to improve the look and feel of a curtain or blind. You can choose a lining based on the privacy and light you require. All blind manufacturers and retailers offer a range of lining options –
  • Blackout linings – they block out all the light coming from outside
  • Translucent linings – they allow light to filter into a room, depending on the thickness of the lining fabric

Choose your lining option wisely based on the needs of a particular room and its users. Linen options also help with the insulation of a room.

  1. Fold Style: Roman shades come in a different variety of fold styles, which makes each roman blind look unique and stylish. There are many folds styles such as Flat fold, Hobbled fold, European fold, Relaxed fold, Reverse fold, etc. The below two folds are the most popular folds used by manufacturers for roman blinds in Delhi:
  • Flat fold – They are a continuous piece of fabric that hangs flat alongside the window with hidden pleats. Each pleat is equidistant from each other inside the fabric. When you lift the blind, the pleats fold over each other. The blind gets folded over one another with pleats being flat. They give an illusion of a neat and contemporary look.
  • Hobbled fold – A large amount of fabric will gently cascade as you raise the blind. This fold comes across as graceful and timeless.  
  1. Fabric: Choosing the right kind of fabric is the most important task as it affects the finished look.
  • The first consideration should be to match the fabric with the color and design of the room. Get ready to choose from the royal silk to the soft cotton &linen and eye-catching polyester in solids, prints, stripes, and more.
  • The second consideration is once again privacy and light filtration. If you choose a thin fabric, it will make your window covering product translucent. On the other hand, a thicker or heavier fabric, will add to its opaqueness.
  1. Control option: There are two control options available for raising and lowering the blinds
  • Loop/Cord – A cord hangs on the side, which is pulled to control the movement of the blind.
  • Motorization – A motor is installed by hiding it behind the pelmet. You can add the control to your home automation or use a remote to control the movement of your blinds.  
  1. Measurement:Correct measurement is critical to ensure a good fit that enhances the décor. Even a fraction of faulty measurement can disrupt the entire beauty of the blind. Take the help of professionals who have to experience to know
  • The end-to-end for the measurement
  • The right way to install without damaging your windows or walls.

These are the five amazing tips that you must follow while choosing a roman blind that will bring out the sophistication and grace of the overall room décor.


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