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Features & Benefits of Motorized Terrace Awnings for Homes


Awnings can be a great addition to your home with practical benefits that allow you to enjoy your environment without getting affected by the harsh weather. In the summer people almost fail to use the outdoor space because of the extreme temperature. Every season has its beautiful moments and in order to enjoy your summer the terraces, balconies and windows can be equipped with awnings to provide the shade and comfort required to stay safe from sun. Awnings also enhance the architectural shape and aesthetics of the buildings incorporating just the right dose of style and elegance. You can choose the colors, style and design which will best suit the theme of your house. It can be customized in a way so that it does not seem like an addition to the house but an integral part of it.

Awnings offer the protection all year round as they provide the shade from the summer heat, monsoon rains and harsh winter which is also beneficial for any plant you might have. This makes it possible to fully utilize our patio, balconies and terraces throughout the year. In fact, awnings also increase the longevity of the wall paint and items inside the house by blocking the sunlight from entering the home. Hence, your patio or deck can be easily transformed into an outdoor room that will be ideal for entertaining guests, to eat with your loved ones or just kick back and relax. Among the many attractive features that a modern awning can come with, dimming LED lights are a particularly attractive extension that will allow you to enjoy beautiful evenings under the awnings. Therefore, awnings can totally change your outdoor experience.

Though awnings can be operated manually, the classic style requiring manual action is quite a thing of the past. The technological advances made in all aspects of life afford people the opportunity to opt for motorization. Motorized awnings ensure safe handling and smooth operation further increasing durability and stability. Automation has become increasingly common in modern homes which want to make the best use of this technology for energy and cost savings. Motorization not only allows you to control the movement of the awnings at the click of a button or a switch, there is a lot more to the automated movements that can lead to long term savings. You can install sun sensor to be attached to the awning motor which then independently decides whether to extend or retract the awning based on the weather. Therefore, when you are not home you do not even have to worry about the bad weather affecting your house.

Awnings are available in a variety of fabrics which are sturdy, durable and dust and water resistant. Awnings also come with SPF rating which can be over 50. The SPF coverage will not only protect children and pets from the harmful UV rays, but also extend the same protection to your rugs and furniture. Every house and building is unique and awnings can be custom made to fit the space perfectly. There are many options in material to suit your needs. As awnings are a long term investment only reputed brands should be trusted to provide you with best quality construction and design. Retractable awnings are the best option as they allow you to use them as per your convenience. If you feel like basking in the sun on a pleasant sunny morning, you can simply retract the awnings. Retractable awnings are especially ideal for areas like Delhi which can have unpredictable weather. If you are looking for retractable awnings Delhi has some excellent options for you in terms of the style and mechanism.


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