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Explore Irismo Range of Curtain Tracks from Somfy

Somfy Curtain Track

The fantastic benefits of curtain tracks have made them a standard item in homes and offices. They are incredibly efficient if you want to hang heavy drapes or get your sliding doors covered. Curtain tracks are of two types wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted.

Advantages of Curtain Tracks
The smooth operation of the curtain tracks ensures that the curtain moves in perfect alignment. There will be a significant reduction in wear and tear resulting from regular movement. The curtain track also stops on meeting with any resistance. Given the fact that curtains need to be adjusted multiple times regularly depending on the weather, light and temperature, this feature is truly a blessing. Motorized curtains move without making any noise. Hence, if you have a sleeping baby in the room, rest assured that curtain tracks will allow you to adjust your curtains without disturbing his sleep. This also makes them the ideal choice for offices as the curtain can be tailored without distracting anybody.

You can also install sun sensors with the curtain tracks to allow them to choose their best course of action independently depending on the temperature, light and weather. Modern curtain tracks can be programmed to maintain the ideal temperature and light inside a room with the help of a home-integrating system. This will program the curtain motors to operate in sync with the air-conditioning system. The integrated automation system will open and close the curtains depending on the outside weather without directly turning the AC on. This can result in some significant savings on the electricity bill. You would be able to achieve this level of convenience as they are equipped with the latest technology and design.

No matter what is the size of your window and wherever the curtain is placed, you would be able to adjust it with the utmost ease. Hence, you can forget about struggling to adjust the curtains in hard to reach places. You can control the movement of the curtains from the comfort of your sofa with a single click on the remote control. The beauty of automation is that you can even control the curtains from a mobile application.

Somfy’s Range of Curtain Tracks
Somfy offers an affordable solution to curtain motorization ensuring quality performance and superior design. Somfy curtain track offers a full range of products and all control technologies which will be the perfect fit irrespective of the size, design, material and style you are looking for.

The curtain tracks from the Irismo range can motorize your curtain applications up to 80%. This is irrespective of the size, type, material and location of your curtains. Apart from the usual features allowed with the automation of curtain tracks, you can avail a host of benefits with this range. The Irismo range offers simplified integration, which has some advanced functionalities like DCT setting mode, back release and reverses rotation. You can avail the latest control technologies like wall-mounted touch control, individual control switch and a motor controller for animeo solutions.

Irismo curtain tracks are also available in customized options allowing you to choose every aspect of the design as per your convenience.

The Glydea range is completely compatible with the Irismo curtain tracks as you get similar cabling procedures and settings, accessories and rails catalogue. Not to mention the guarantee of the reliability and quality of a Somfy product which are tested for at least 15 years of operation, you also get an international warranty of five years.

To Sum Up:
If you want the look and aesthetics of the place to come together, the design, features and style have to be in sync and complement your overall décor.

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