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Pure brass rods in 20mm diameter with rings, finials and brackets also made of brass. Available in antique gold, antique copper and golden finishes.

Brassex Cult

Bring in the beauty of brass with our innovative range of Brassex Cult Rods. Available in 20mm diameter, the finials will create a classy décor.


Enhance the beauty of your windows with the addition of Steelex Rods. The rods are made from stainless steel in 25 mm diameter . The differently designed finials are true incarnations of exquisiteness.

Steelex Cult

Experience the magic of steel with rods in 25 mm diameter. The beautiful rods accompanied by rings, finials and brackets in steel are a worthy treat for your home.

Steelex Crystal

Inspired by the extravagance of the royal era and á la mode demands of contemporary stylists, we bring you a collection of Swarovski studded crystal finials that truly impress. Available with 25 mm steel rods, these finials will create the right passion and fashion for your window décor.

Steelex Sleek

Beauty will come alive on your windows with these stainless steel rods in 19mm diameter. Brackets & Rings area also made of stainless steel with finials in stainless steel and wood.

Italian Wooden Rods

IGet Italian wooden rods crafted from single log of seasoned wood to enhance the décor of your windows. Matching rings, finials & brackets made of solid wood will complement the rods. Options available are Nova Rods in 35mm, Vega Rods in 28mm & Saga Rods in 23mm diameter with exotic veneer finishes & colours.


We have designed these rods from extruded aluminium section in 28mm diameter to ensure that your window is cynosure of stylishness. Powder coated wooden veneers finishes give our rods a royal wooden look. Rings, finials & brackets are available in solid wood or golden finish.


Display your taste for elegance with our Crystallo range of PU coated curtain rods in 23 mm diameter with matching rings, finials and brackets.


Use our PU coated Europa Curtain Rods to spruce up the looks of your windows. Each rod is in 23 mm diameter and is available with matching rings, finials and brackets.


Make your windows more attractive with our range of PU coated rods. The Legend Curtain Rods in 23 mm diameter come with matching rings, finials and brackets.


Ferro rods are contemporary rods in 23mm diameter with specialized double tone paint finishes. The finials made of die-cast aluminium offer you a variety of up-market designs.

Oscar & Sophio M-IV

Create an aura of sheer chic with our range of Oscar & Sophio Rods. Oscar rods are available in 30mm diameter while the Sophio M-IV rods are made in 25mm diameter. Crafted from extruded aluminium section anodized in gold & copper, the rods and finials will retain their everlasting shine and finish.


Tracks create an effortless style for your windows. They are widely used for smooth and noiseless movement of curtains. Fabricated using premium quality metal coupled with fine finishes, Tracks are available in different models in various specifications. Curtain tracks are easy to install and operate and offer a high utility value. Curtain Track systems are suitable for light, medium and heavy weight curtains.