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The Top Reasons for Choosing Awnings this Summer

If you want to boost the energy efficiency of your house in the months of summer, awnings are your go-to solution. With the advent of summer, people’s demand and desire for this beautiful window shading producer grow. Yet there are just so many people who do not own any. The problem is that not everyone eventually goes ahead with the urge. Interestingly, Europeans are known to use louvres and awnings …Read More

Know How Retractabe Awnings Make Life Easier

Awnings are popular for a variety of reasons. The practical benefits of installing awnings make them a necessity in areas that experience extreme weather. Here are a few ways in which retractable awnings help make life easier: Creates an Additional Space for Entertainment: The beauty of installing awnings is that it increases your space for outdoor entertainment. Usually, it is not possible to make arrangements for your guests in the …Read More

Why Special Canopies and Awnings are Essential for Shop Fronts?

Awnings are an attached covering to the exterior of the door or window. Though they are fixed, you can open and close them as per requirement. They are made of several materials such as canvas of acrylic, polyester fabric, cotton yarn, aluminum, iron or steel. Today’s markets are flooded with shops that are made with transparent glass allowing passerbys the option to look freely at the shop display. Mannequins are …Read More

Features & Benefits of Motorized Terrace Awnings for Homes

Awnings can be a great addition to your home with practical benefits that allow you to enjoy your environment without getting affected by the harsh weather. In the summer people almost fail to use the outdoor space because of the extreme temperature. Every season has its beautiful moments and in order to enjoy your summer the terraces, balconies and windows can be equipped with awnings to provide the shade and …Read More

Seven Things To Consider Before Buying An Awning

You might want to enjoy a beautiful day outside with the kids in your backyard when the sun shines bright. However, it is absolutely necessary to protect your family from the intense heat and the harmful radiation of the sun. Awnings are the best way to achieve this as they provide the protective shade for you to enjoy outdoor activities and relaxed afternoons while sipping on ice tea. If you …Read More

Have Complete Control of Your Home with Retractable Awnings

The excessive heat during the summer months can make it difficult to spend time outdoors. It also becomes unbearable to sit near a window in the afternoon as heavy heat and light pierces through open spaces. Therefore in places like Delhi NCR where the summers are especially harsh people are always searching for options to increase shades. You can create more shade around your home simply by installing retractable awnings …Read More

Here are the top Reasons on Why You Should Install Awnings

Places where mixed weather is a common concern, awnings can be a blessing. Awnings are basically a lightweight frame structure with which a fabric or aluminum cover is attached. They are typically attached above windows and doors but are also popular additions to a patio, deck or windows. Installing this added protection can have far reaching benefits for the exterior of your house. Whether the goal is sun protection or …Read More

Looking for Awnings? –MAGNUM is the one-stop dealer in Delhi / NCR

When it comes to awnings, people can be divided into two broad categories of consumers. On one hand there are those that love them. And on the other hand, there are those who opt for them out of necessity. Our experts are of the opinion that awnings as both a necessity and a suitable option for decorations. Admirers will know that awnings are to the house what a tie or …Read More