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The Top Reasons for Choosing Awnings this Summer

If you want to boost the energy efficiency of your house in the months of summer, awnings are your go-to solution. With the advent of summer, people’s demand and desire for this beautiful window shading producer grow. Yet there are just so many people who do not own any. The problem is that not everyone eventually goes ahead with the urge. Interestingly, Europeans are known to use louvres

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The Different Types of Window Covering Products

Honeycomb blinds

Magnum Window Styles has been offering modern, window covering solutions for more than 30 years. The leading firm produces whimsical, aspirational, and well-appointed products that enhance your home.

Some of our products include Curtain rods, Blinds, and Awnings.


We serve premium curtain rods. It can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling. Some of our curtain rods are:

Italian wooden rods

These rods are designed to

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Five Amazing Tips On How To Choose Roman Shades


Roman shades are modern age, popular window covering products that act as a replacement to curtains. They also spark a curated elegance that elevates a room’s ambiance. These shades are distinct from other window covering products as they stack-up evenly when opened as opposed to vertical shades that tilt and/or slide and curtains which slide. A cord mechanism allows the user to adjust the stack height of

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Guide to Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Your Home

Somfy Motorised Curtain Tracks

Choosing the best window treatment can be tricky if you lack a proper approach. The biggest priority while choosing the right window treatments should be deciding what is needed. Privacy or light — or both? With a wide variety of available styles and materials, window treatments are a great way to infuse style in your decor and elevate a space. Somfy Blinds Delhi may just be the thing you need!


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Wooden Blinds versus Honeycomb Blinds: An Analysis


The home is where the heart is, as it is often said, Choosing the right window blind option can be tricky if you do not know the differences in functionality.

Planning is crucial when it comes to the windows of one’s home. Window shades determine the view from the room, and into the room. It s one of the primary reasons why people invest thought into choosing the correct

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Smart Home Products That Will Change Your Life


A smart home gives you more control and makes life easier and more comfortable!
Imagine what it would be like to have your living room wall changing background lights according to your mood. Or curtains are opening up by themselves every morning. Does it sound like a distant dream! Believe us; it is not! The advent of technology has made it possible for homemakers to interact with their household d

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Using Roller Blinds for Your Home this Winter

Roller blinds delhi

The home is the reflection of its owner, and roller blinds are the best window covering option to express stylishness.
The way a home’s décor looks reflects upon the one who resides within the particular living space. But, in Delhi NCR, where seasons change every few months – there is no reason for the look of your home to stay static as well. Naturally, to completely revamp and renovate

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The Lesser Known Facts of Roller Blinds REVEALED!!


Blinds are a part of our everyday life, but we never really stop to think about their origin or even their current function. Today, blinds are an irreplaceable part of everyday life with its immense varieties like roller blinds in Delhi – so much so that not only can we not imagine our life without it, we also take it for granted. Interestingly, blinds have a lot of history that most

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Best 4 Motorized Blinds For Your Home

Somfy blinds in Delhi

Window blinds are a common sight in every home because of the amazing benefits they offer. If you think that all they do is block sunlight, you are highly mistaken. Window treatments are energy efficient, which can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Window blinds are also a great solution if you want to enjoy more privacy in your room. However, nobody can blame you if you are tired of manually

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Motorization: Modernizing Curtains In Indian Homes


Curtains are an important part of any house – they can sway the direction of the ambience of your house for the better. Other than maybe the bathroom, every room in a house has at least one window. It is no surprise that curtains end up being such an indispensable part of any and every home. Consequently, motorized curtains are not only great room décor, but they are also extremely

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A Few Common Myths About Wooden Blinds Busted Open

Wooden Blinds delhi

Wooden blinds are a classy and an elegant choice for window treatments for any home. They are very strong, long-lasting, and at the same, add to the overall feel of the home by giving it a natural look and texture to the décor. But, there are various misconceptions and myths foiled around wooden window treatment. These myths have often led people into not considering wooden blinds as a

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Benefits of Motorized Curtains for Modern Homes

Motorised Curtain India

While modern curtains come in various textures and colours, if they are not maintained regularly, they lose colour and become faulty in no time. Additionally, mishandling them by kids or pets may cause them to wear out sooner than possible. However, with motorized window treatments from Motorised Curtain India, window covering solutions are now becoming more versatile and easier to use, with more safety features.

Usually, conventional curtains and blinds

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Best Window Blinds for Hospitals & Care Homes In India

Motorised Blinds IN Delhi

“Patients form opinions about their doctors based on what they see, hear, and smell when they walk through the office door.”
— Rosalyn Cama, Healthcare Interior Designer

The failures and successes usually measure evaluation of hospitals to the performance and practices of staff and doctors. It is improbable that the shortcomings of the hospital would be assigned to architectural flaws or décor. However, the size and number of windows in

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Thinking of Energy Efficiency? Install Window Blinds

zebra blinds Delhi

As per data, windows are responsible for about 30% of the energy loss. During the summer months, a standard double-pane window lets about 76% of the sunlight falling on it to enter the room causing the room to heat up. The loss of energy through the windows can lead to an increase in the electricity bills as your AC and heater have to work harder to maintain the ideal

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How are wooden blinds both style and pocket friendly?

Window Blinds Delhi

Wooden blinds are the u¬ltimate symbol of style and sophistication. With a stylish silhouette that provides unrivaled functionality, wooden blinds are the perfect choice for people wanting to combine aesthetics and convenience. The blinds will fit beautifully into any corner of your home and office as their clever and classic design gives them an appearance of naturally belonging to space. This is the very reason why wooden blinds have

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Explore Irismo Range of Curtain Tracks from Somfy

Somfy Curtain Track

The fantastic benefits of curtain tracks have made them a standard item in homes and offices. They are incredibly efficient if you want to hang heavy drapes or get your sliding doors covered. Curtain tracks are of two types wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted.

Advantages of Curtain Tracks
The smooth operation of the curtain tracks ensures that the curtain moves in perfect alignment. There will be a significant reduction in

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Somfy Aims at Transforming the Experience with Products that Protect the Window Openings of the Room

Motorised Somfy Blinds In Delhi

As leading manufacturers of home equipment, controlling systems of home automation and professionals with expertise in handling and designing motors come together to create a valuable mechanism, Somfy is bound to have an essence different from the rest. While the world searches for things they need, the experts work on the things that the world might not even realize they need. Innovation comes from understanding the gap between desire and

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This is How Motorised Blinds Are Revolutionising the Interior Furnishing Market

Somfy blinds in Delhi

The process of furnishing the interior has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years, especially with the advent of new technologies and its innovative amalgamation with the existing ones. Installing motorised blinds or curtains that can be controlled with a remote is one of the most discerning aspects of this process. These blinds can offer a vast array of benefits to the home-owners and as a result

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Five Unique Features of Honeycomb Blinds that You Should Know

honeycomb blinds in Delhi

Blinds or curtains are indispensable for every modern house, not only for providing the necessary privacy one requires inside the house, but also for energy efficiency and adding something to the aesthetics of the house itself. Speaking of energy efficiency, the significance of honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular shades) can never be overlooked. Honeycomb blinds are basically window coverings that are used to both filter and block lights thereby

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