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Best 4 Motorized Blinds For Your Home

Somfy blinds in Delhi

Window blinds are a common sight in every home because of the amazing benefits they offer. If you think that all they do is block sunlight, you are highly mistaken. Window treatments are energy efficient, which can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Window blinds are also a great solution if you want to enjoy more privacy in your room. However, nobody can blame you if you are tired of manually adjusting the blinds regularly multiple times a day. It is why people opt for motorization that can totally eliminate the struggle associated with the manual operation of the blinds. Here is a list of 4 best-motorized blinds that can transform the way you experience your home:

  1. Roller blinds: These blinds come with a solid fabric that is neatly wrapped around a tube placed at the window top. They are suitable for all types of rooms with varied options in fabric, style, design, and material that can be customized as per requirement. Motorized roller blinds can be lifted and lowered at the click of a button with the help of a remote or a separate switch.
  2. Zebra blinds: Zebra blinds can be combined to give the effects of both roller blinds and venetian blinds. They are designed with alternating fabrics of solid weave and sheer sunscreen. The beauty of zebra blinds is in the multiple effects they can create. The overlapping of the solid fabric strips will create the light block effect, whereas the overlapping sheer fabric strips will allow some light into the room. Motorized zebra blinds will enable you to utilize the innovative design effectively without struggling with a cord or wire to adjust their position.
  3. Shangrila blinds: Shangri La blinds come with two different layers that consist of a dim-out fabric suspended in between sheer fabrics that allow sunlight to enter into the room. You can create a harmony of shade and light as the blinds softly filter the harsh sunlight. Motorized Shangri La blinds can be positioned fully closed or open anywhere in the middle. They can also be adjusted while the vanes are still open.
  4. Honeycomb blinds: Honeycomb blinds are an excellent energy-efficient option owing to their unique design. The cell-like designs which look similar to honeycombs have earned them the name of honeycomb or cellular blinds. Equipped with air pockets to trap air inside the cells, these blinds provide amazing insulation resulting in enhanced energy savings. With motorized honeycomb blinds, you can even opt for integration with the home automation system. It will allow the blinds to adjust their position automatically depending on the temperature inside the room and outside.

When it comes to motorised blinds Delhi offers many options in terms of design, material, style, and fabric.

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