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Are Venetian Blinds The Best Fit For Kids Rooms?


Venetian blinds are one of the most popular blinds because of their design and look. They can make a stylish addition to any room. But the reason why they are preferred for kids’ rooms is not entirely because of their style or design and goes beyond that. Here are various aspects of the Venetian blinds that make them the perfect fit for your children’s room:

  1. Control: They offer copious control over the elements that get into a room through the windows. Venetian blinds have a flexible mechanism which allows generous amount of control over light, air flow, privacy and view. As any parent would know, it takes a certain level of darkness to put a child to sleep. Venetian blinds can be controlled to allow the desired level of light into the room. You can adjust the blinds depending on whether you want to enjoy the outside view and fresh air or you would like some privacy.
  2. Protection: Venetian blinds offer excellent protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. But it is not enough to block the light and darken the room, the blinds should also provide sound and thermal insulation. Venetian blinds provide complete protection and can help reduce the strain on air-conditioning with its insulating properties.
  3. Maintenance: The simplicity of the blinds lie in their seamless design which makes them perfect for children’s room. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain which is an important factor while deciding on an addition to your kids room. Kids are always up to something or the other, which often necessitates more frequent cleaning. You simply need to brush your vacuum over the blinds to make them spick and span.
  4. Customisation: The venetian blinds come in a wide range of variety in colors, fabrics and designs. You can opt for darker or lighter shades keeping with the mood and decor of the room. Brighter colors look especially good in rooms meant for children as they enliven the environment. When it comes to Venetian blinds Delhi stores have an excellent collection of various materials, sizes and colors available in different operating mechanisms.
  5. Health and safety: Blinds can also pose strangulation hazard with the wires and cords that is usually left hanging on the sides. In case of children, it can be quite dangerous to leave the little ones unattended in the room if you have blinds that need to be manually operated with a cord. This is why it is best to opt for electrical or motorized solutions and they can be easily availed for Venetian blinds. Motorized blinds are a totally wireless or cordless solution which can be smoothly operated with the help of a remote control or button.
  6. Automation: Automation is a wonderful modern solution for blinds in a kid’s room. The blinds will probably need to be raised, lowered and adjusted a lot of times throughout the day. Operating the blinds manually each time can be quite problematic for the parents. Automation will allow light and temperature sensors can be attached with the blind motors which will help the blinds to open and close automatically whenever required. This will keep the children protected even when the parents are not around to adjust the blinds. Automation works beautifully with Venetian blinds owing to their seamless and clean design pattern.
  7. Value for money: Venetian blinds are amazing value for money as they are reasonably priced and provide exceptional functionality. If you are shopping for window blinds Delhi will not disappoint with its range of collection. When you are investing your money, make sure you choose a quality product from a reliable brand that offers all the modern and innovative features.

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