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Advantages of Installing Insect Screens For Windows

Windows are the entry points for the soothing sun and cool winds. But, when left open, they are also the entry gates for all the tiny insects and mosquitoes flying around. These mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but are carriers of deadly diseases. Protecting yourself, your family and colleagues is a necessity, and one way to do so without affecting the look and feel of your interiors is with Insect Screens.

What are Insect Screens?
Insect Screens are a net or mesh which when installed on the window or door frame allows you to enjoy the fresh air, but keeps the mosquitoes out.

The Advantages of Getting Them Installed

The insect screens for windows have myriad advantages, which are shared below.

  1. Will not cause breathing problems – Unlike insect coils, vapourizers, cards, etc., these screens don’t diffuse fumes causing respiratory problems. Rather, the material is high-quality fiber glass, which is safe to use and install.
  2. One time installation – Traditional methods of keeping mosquitoes out of your home require daily efforts and expenditure. These window solutions, however, require a one-time selection and installation. What’s more, professional installers will come to your home and office, take the measurement, construct the screen and install it to perfection.
  3. Protects you from diseases – The net or mesh of the screen is finely constructed to prevent even the smallest insect from entering your home. Since the deadly malaria, dengue and other deadly diseases causing mosquitoes can no longer enter your home or office, it is a safe haven for all.
  4. Enjoy the Outdoors, Inside – Once installed, windows and doors of a home can be left open without worry. You can enjoy the cool breeze from your garden, or the orange flames of the evening sun, as it sets in the horizon.
  5. Keeps the indoor beauty intact – There is no compromise on the beauty of your windows with insect screens. Some of them are so finely constructed in neutral shades that your guests may not see them at all.

Insect screens are the latest addition towards ensuring the beauty of your interiors remains unaffected, while giving you a whole new level of enjoyment of the beauty of nature!

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