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A Few Common Myths About Wooden Blinds Busted Open

Wooden Blinds delhi

Wooden blinds are a classy and an elegant choice for window treatments for any home. They are very strong, long-lasting, and at the same, add to the overall feel of the home by giving it a natural look and texture to the décor. But, there are various misconceptions and myths foiled around wooden window treatment. These myths have often led people into not considering wooden blinds as a home décor option. These concerns and worries are solely based on misinformation about them.

The aesthetics of wooden blinds are obvious; they are very pleasing to the eye and urbane. Each grain on the wood takes on different patterns and becomes a unique design by itself- giving each window an original appeal. Do not let a few myths about wooden blinds spoil your choice of style. Here are a few common misconceptions about wooden blinds busted by Magnum Style Windows and why you should not fall for it!

Wood Blinds Crack And Warp Easily

Wooden blinds being prone to damages and dents is one of the primary misconceptions related to wooden blinds. Wooden blinds might warp or crack if exposed to harsh weather conditions, but Magnum Window Styles crafts their blinds from basswood. Your blinds not only remain the same, but also do not get damaged when exposed to rain and sunlight. They are extremely tough and durable so long as you care for them properly!

Wooden Blinds Require A Lot Of Maintenance

No, they don’t! Wooden blinds, on the contrary, are quite easy to maintain and it holds up against, dust, dirt, and grime. A regular clean with a feather duster or a microfiber cloth gently lets you remove any surface particles. For deeper cleaning, lukewarm water works like magic! Simply soak the cotton rag to clean the layers of dirt. Wooden blinds are also vacuum cleaner friendly. The soft attachment of the vacuum cleaner is perfect for an efficient touch-up.

Wooden Blinds are Not Versatile

Without a doubt, its definitely not true!  The texture and feel of wood are such that it can be used in any room, including rooms or areas that might have a higher level of humidity like bathrooms. Both faux wood and wooden blinds are crafted out of durable materials that can hold up against moisture. The blinds are also sealed and stained for extra protection and a longer natural life than options.

Mold Ruin Wooden Blinds

Most people avoid buying wooden blinds because of molds. It is possible for wooden blinds to get mold and mildew, but this only happens when the blinds are not cared for and exposed to moisture for a prolonged period. The molds will be nowhere near your blinds if you keep them dry and clean them regularly. In case the blinds start developing mildew or mold, it is pretty easy to clean them off and stop them from coming back.

Wood Blinds Are More Expensive

This myth simply is not true at all. Wooden blinds or their counterparts are no more expensive than plastic or metallic ones. But it also depends on the quality and kind of wood used for the blinds. Exotic and crafty woods such as bamboo can be on the pricier side of the range, but normal teak wooden blinds are extremely affordable and are priced at a comparable rate as other types of blinds.

It’s time to do away with all these misconceptions and get your hands on some of the best wooden window treatments from Magnum Style Windows (Wooden Blinds Delhi) and make your homes comfier!


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