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November 2019

Smart Home Products That Will Change Your Life

A smart home gives you more control and makes life easier and more comfortable! Imagine what it would be like to have your living room wall changing background lights according to your mood. Or curtains are opening up by themselves every morning. Does it sound like a distant dream! Believe us; it is not! The advent of technology has made it possible for homemakers to interact with their household décor …Read More

Honeycomb Blinds- Know How They Keep Your Home Warm in Winters

Selecting the right shade or blind is an important decision if you are looking for sustainable insulating décor solutions. With a slight nip in the air, it is safe to assume that winter is around the corner. If purchasing new blinds for the winter months is on your agenda, it might be a good call to know which blinds are the most appropriate for the season. Today, Honeycomb Blinds are …Read More

Using Roller Blinds for Your Home this Winter

The home is the reflection of its owner, and roller blinds are the best window covering option to express stylishness. The way a home’s décor looks reflects upon the one who resides within the particular living space. But, in Delhi NCR, where seasons change every few months – there is no reason for the look of your home to stay static as well. Naturally, to completely revamp and renovate your …Read More