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June 2019

This is How Motorised Blinds Are Revolutionising the Interior Furnishing Market

The process of furnishing the interior has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years, especially with the advent of new technologies and its innovative amalgamation with the existing ones. Installing motorised blinds or curtains that can be controlled with a remote is one of the most discerning aspects of this process. These blinds can offer a vast array of benefits to the home-owners and as a result it …Read More

Five Unique Features of Honeycomb Blinds that You Should Know

Blinds or curtains are indispensable for every modern house, not only for providing the necessary privacy one requires inside the house, but also for energy efficiency and adding something to the aesthetics of the house itself. Speaking of energy efficiency, the significance of honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular shades) can never be overlooked. Honeycomb blinds are basically window coverings that are used to both filter and block lights thereby …Read More

Six Competitive Reasons to Choose Somfy Curtain Tracks over Regular Ones

For people seriously thinking about refurbishing their home from scratch, energy efficiency has become one of the key factors to consider as it directly impacts the consumption of energy depending on the new décor of the house. In consequence, the popularity of energy efficient passive house, a house where one can remain comfortable during every season throughout the year without being aided by any active cooling or heating system, is …Read More

Unearth the Wonders of Somfy Curtain Motors

Somfy has been a visionary global leader of motor manufacturers for a diverse range of awnings, projection screens, roller shutters, blinds, windows, and curtains. As a world leader, they offer motorized innovations designed for relaxation and comfort. They are also popular because they help you save on energy and money. Efficiency and excellence are a sure shot guarantee since top-notch technology is the foundation for the company’s international success. Moreover, …Read More