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February 2019

Wooden Blinds v/s Honeycomb Blinds | Characteristics & Differences

Both the blinds can be adjusted as per your requirement to give the desired level of light and privacy benefits. Wooden blinds can easily transform a room into a stylish haven with their architectural brilliance. Cellular blinds on the other hand are well known for their efficient insulating properties. Here is a comparison between the characteristic features of the two blinds which will help you choose between the two: 1. …Read More

Seven Things To Consider Before Buying An Awning

You might want to enjoy a beautiful day outside with the kids in your backyard when the sun shines bright. However, it is absolutely necessary to protect your family from the intense heat and the harmful radiation of the sun. Awnings are the best way to achieve this as they provide the protective shade for you to enjoy outdoor activities and relaxed afternoons while sipping on ice tea. If you …Read More

Applications of Retractable Insect Screens in Homes & Offices

It is everybody’s dream to live in an environment without being troubled by bloodthirsty mosquitoes and chased ┬áby a swarm of flies. Insects can be a serious nuisance and can spoil both your mood and special occasions. It is not rare to see people close their doors and windows to stop unwanted insects from entering their rooms.It is neither practical nor desirable to live with closed doors and windows all …Read More