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December 2018

Striking Differences between Manual Blinds & Motorized Blinds You Should Know

Blinds are known to enhance the comfort inside homes by blocking the harsh sunlight entering through open spaces and windows. But they also provide privacy while controlling the heat, UV rays and light effectively. While choosing the blinds for your home, you have to decide whether you want to manually operate them or want motorized automated movements. While both the options can be trusted to provide excellent protection there are …Read More

Learn the Science Behind Honeycomb Blinds Before You Install Them in Your Room

Heat is known to travel along the path of least resistance from warmer to cooler places. This is basically the phenomenon working in case of your window blinds too. Now, a material’s resistance to heat flow is called R-Value. It is basically used to determine the thermal resistance of building materials. R-Value guides us to find out the area from where the heat is more likely to escape. As per …Read More

Here are the top Reasons on Why You Should Install Awnings

Places where mixed weather is a common concern, awnings can be a blessing. Awnings are basically a lightweight frame structure with which a fabric or aluminum cover is attached. They are typically attached above windows and doors but are also popular additions to a patio, deck or windows. Installing this added protection can have far reaching benefits for the exterior of your house. Whether the goal is sun protection or …Read More

Striking Characteristics of Zebra Blinds You Must Know

Add beauty to Your Interiors With Zebra Blinds The double paneled roller blinds using a combination of both transparent and block-out fabrics are popularly known as Zebra Blinds. They can emit the look and feel of Venetian blinds as the stripes alternate between opaque and clear slats. The contemporary style of the zebra blinds also offers many practical benefits. Here are certain characteristics of the zebra blinds that you should …Read More

How to Choose Window Blinds For Your Office?

Here are Five Important Tips The process of selecting the blinds need not be overwhelming. Those who are careful in selecting the right blinds for commercial places like office or retail store are often richly rewarded. As anything from a room in your house to a multi-level building in the capital can make up an office space, choices should depend on the setting. We have 5 tips to simplify the …Read More