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Shangrila Blinds

Shangrila blinds are an attractive combination of venetian and roller blinds. They offer a perfect shading system with option of desired visual contact from both outside and inside.

Shangrila Galaxy Blinds

Shangrila Galaxy blinds give neat & integrated looks from top to bottom and add smartness to your ambience. People with discerning palettes will adore the aesthetically pleasing and easy to use blinds.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds contain features of sheer curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds. Since they can be raised with open vanes, these blinds let you control room lighting without compromising privacy. Use them to increase the style quotient of your windows.

Zebra Pleated Blinds

Zebra pleated blinds infuse your interiors with passion. The elegance of sheer fabric combined with light control makes for an exciting way to dress up your windows. Adjustable fabric vanes can be opened, closed or raised up.

Verman Blinds

Verman Blinds that are designed to allow desired light into a room. You can craft a debonair look for your window with our extensive selection of colors.

Hanas Blinds

Hanas blinds provide you complete privacy and control over the light streaming. With brilliant shades on offer that will accentuate your interiors, these blinds add a touch of exotic to your room.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Get the highest quality of timber to adorn your windows with our range of Wooden Venetian Blinds. You We offer you an exhaustive range of colors all available in slat width of 35mm & 50mm.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have a roll up mechanism making it a practical choice where there is limited space on either side of the windows. Available in translucent and blackout fabrics best suited for homes & offices.

Roman Blind

Custom-made Roman blinds are available in a variety of design and styles as per specifications. These virtually maintenance-free blinds will be a distinctive addition to your home.

Honeycomb Blinds

Available in cell size of 26mm & 38mm, Honeycomb blinds enhance interiors with their stunning looks. As these blinds keep warm in winters and cool in summer, they save energy.

Vertical Blinds

Exquisite Vertical blinds are available in louver width of 100mm controlled by chain and cord operation at the side of the blinds. All louvers have bottom weight and are tied with bottom chain to stabilize the blinds

Venetian Blinds

Styling windows is easy with tasteful venetian blinds available in slat width of 25 mm. WE offer an exhaustive range of colors that will suit styles and d├ęcor of every room.