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Best Window Blinds for Hospitals & Care Homes In India

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“Patients form opinions about their doctors based on what they see, hear, and smell when they walk through the office door.”

— Rosalyn Cama, Healthcare Interior Designer

The failures and successes usually measure evaluation of hospitals to the performance and practices of staff and doctors. It is improbable that the shortcomings of the hospital would be assigned to architectural flaws or décor. However, the size and number of windows in hospitals can influence how a hospital performs.

The highest priority in hospitals is the convenience and comfort of patients, providing rooms with better and more access to sunlight. This can make them comfortable at the same time, make them feel positive. Roller Blinds Delhi helps to make that possible easily.

Some commonly used products provided by Roller Blinds Delhi when delivering commercial window treatments in hospitals and healthcare facilities are:

Blinds – While blinds are impeccable in terms of blocking or mitigating sunlight, they still perform many other functions. They can be composed of materials like plastic, metals, fabrics, etc.

Shades – Similar to blinds, they can be both functional and decorative. Pleated, rollers and duo shades are among the various shades installed during the window treatment process. They can be custom made to accurate specifications and can be combined with drapes, curtains, and blinds.

Curtains – Space-efficient and versatile, curtains are great solutions to modern hospitals. There are a variety of curtains that clients can choose from that perfectly suit hospital settings.

Health care facilities also require window treatments just as any house. Each area of a health care facility needs a specific kind of window treatment.

Here is a guide to window treatments by Roller Blinds Delhi that is suited to specific areas of a hospital.


The lobby is the most crowded area of a hospital. Thus, window treatments for a lobby of health care facilities must not be bulky. Light window treatments are preferred because it makes a room feel less cramped. In such cases, blinds are the best, as they are light and airy.

Waiting Rooms

For waiting rooms of hospitals, the best window treatments are honeycomb shades. Interior decorators of hospitals decorate waiting rooms with honeycomb shades to maximize comfort and increase psychological security. Interior decorators declare that honeycomb shades mimic a homely atmosphere which increases comfort to family, friends, and relatives who are understandably anxious for a loved one.

Physical Exam Rooms

Usually, hospitals do not have windows in their physical exam rooms. But in some health care facilities that have windows, they use window treatments such as vertical blinds and mini blinds. This is because physical exam rooms are often cleaned regularly, and blinds are easy to clean. Furthermore, vertical blinds and mini blinds are preferred to fabric curtains as the latter easily gathers dust, allergens, and airborne microbes.

Operating Rooms

Since operating rooms need to be kept sterile at all times, they don’t use window treatments unlike the other areas of a health care facility. This is because window treatments can easily contain microorganisms. Operating rooms of health care facilities seldom have windows. In case they do, those windows are tinted instead of treated with coverings.

Mental Facilities

Psychiatrists tend to use heavy drapes or thick blinds and soundproof window treatments to psychiatric health care facilities. These window treatments help make a room feel warmer, cozier, and safer.

If you are looking for the highest quality windows blinds for your hospital requirements in India, then choose Roller Blinds Delhi. They provide you with the most suitable solutions at cheapest market rates.


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